The Tailored Hound

Welcome to The Tailored Hounds first Blog.

I am more of a creative than a writer but I will try to give you some interesting snippets in to my life and love of sewing and creating beautiful and useful things.

I have always made things. I have this weird ability to take a 3D object (like a dress) and ‘take it apart’ in my head and then take that image in my head and draw a pattern from it. As a child I loved doing jigsaw puzzles. I think this is where my ‘talent’ comes from. My daughter hates it when I get the puzzles out, as I am able to easily pick out the pieces that fit: much to her frustration! She would often hide pieces so she could put the last piece in. I am slightly dyslexic and struggle constructing sentences and don’t get me started on spelling, thankfully computers nowadays have a spell check!

This is probably why I like making things. To feed this appetite I have for putting things together. Figuring out the puzzles in my head. Making things that are practical and useful. I get slightly frustrated with things that don’t have a purpose, like scrabble pictures and hanging dust collectors…but I think that will be a whole new blog on its own!

My love of making things extends across a wide range including: DIY: Gardening: Drawing: Sewing: Crocheting: Woodwork: Painting: Embroidery: Card making: Jewellery and anything new that comes along and I find interesting. So watch this space for some of my more unusual hobbyies.

I am Dawn Colgan, designer: Maker: Creative: slightly too short for my weight (I should be 8ft 9”) and owner of The Tailored Hound. x



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