Spring is in the air!

The sun is a welcome relief to the wet and windy weather we have been having. I am definitely a sun person. I love it. You wont hear me saying ‘oh it’s too hot’, the warmer the better. BUT only in the summer. I have no wish to go find the sun all year round, I like our changing seasons. Give me snowdrops and daffodils in Spring, warm sunny days in the Summer, the changing colours of Autumn and the cold of Winter (with a little snow thrown in occasionally).

Today Tallulah is sunning herself on the decking. I have been watching her all morning. Scouting around and finding the warmest spot. Then jumping up to chase the pigeons, who are much bigger than her. No idea what she would do if she actually caught one. tallulah060417

Teddy has stayed in, with the occasional trip outside to also chase the pigeons. What is it with dogs and chasing birds? Sunday we went for a walk by the river as it was another gorgeous day and Tallulah thought it would be a good idea to chase geese. I wouldn’t have blamed them for having a go back. But honestly Tallulah, they roughly weigh around 6.5kg and you are only 1.8kg.

I’ve been working hard on a few commissions. Some will take longer to do than others. Sometimes my designing process leads me into new territory and I have to learn a new skill. One of my commissions is for a bespoke Harris Tweed strap, redesigning my guitar strap. As always, I have underestimated how much a small change in design can increase the time frame. Luckily for me my customer doesn’t need these until the end of this month, giving my plenty of time to finalise the design before making them up.

Happy Spring




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