14th May – Wedding fair

I have been invited to show my makes at an up coming wedding fair in Henley-upon-Thames. This will be the first time I have shown my work at anything other than local fairs and championship dog shows.

Over the last few years I have seen an increasing rise in requests for bespoke dog items especially designed for weddings. It isn’t something I even thought about before. Dogs at wedding? Well dressed dogs at weddings? I have received a few photos back from customers who have taken their dogs to weddings, but I never really thought about developing a line especially for them.

Time has been short. From being asked if I would like to attend and the actual day was less than 4wks. I have been known to be in a ‘design and development’ stage for several years. Would it even be possible to develop a line of accessories for dogs at weddings? Could I design an outfit that looked smart and sophisticated rather than something that wouldn’t look out of place in Las Vegas?

My first thoughts were of bow ties and matching collars and leads. I make 3 different types of collars and leads so I have made up ‘sets’ to offer on the day, but I wanted something new for my first wedding fair.

Of course Harris Tweed would have to be part of the theme. And one of the items of clothing mostly associated with Harris Tweed is menswear; and in particular, jackets and waistcoats. Teddy very kindly posed for a few of my ‘mistakes’ until I came up with a design that I was happy with. I shall make 4 Harris Tweed waistcoats and bowties for the wedding fair. They are fully lined with hand stitched buttons down the front. The pocket is usable, I plan on adding a little ribbon on the inside so the pocket can be used to carry the rings.

I’m not sure I’m ready for a wedding fair. And I’m sure I will think of a thousand things to make a dog for a wedding. I’m hoping my customers have a rough idea what they are wanting, because I really will make anything for them for their special day.

9 days before we go live I am feeling a little stressed!!









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