I’ve been working with fabrics for 40 years, ever since I was allowed to have my first go on a sewing machine. I began doing piece work in my 20s and since then I’ve made all manner of things from dog coats to crocheted blankets to bridesmaids’ dresses to fancy dress costumes. I pride myself that I can make almost anything … and I have been sorely tested; I’ve made everything from a Millennium Bug costume to a set of six silk bridesmaid’s dresses, all unique but complimentary, and with matching parasols. I even crocheted part of a woollen coral reef for Stephen Fry and the BBC TV show QI!
But away from the weekly round of repairs, makes and alterations, my real love is making beautiful objects in fabric. And, in recent years, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with Harris Tweed. I love the colours. I love the patterns and textures. And I love the uniqueness of this wonderful historical cloth. I began by making presents for my friends and family: purses, wash bags, waistcoats and things like that. Then, one day, I was asked to make a dog coat by a friend of a friend. I’d never made anything like that before but I love a challenge and, after trying out a couple of prototypes, I created a design that I was happy with. The customer was delighted too; so delighted in fact that she asked for a matching collar and lead and I had to learn a whole new set of skills! Then she told her friends and they told their friends and, before I knew it, orders were coming in from all over the place. In the meantime, the popularity of my smaller items was growing and a good friend said to me, ‘Why not make them available online?’

So visit my shops for : beautiful, handmade items in Harris Tweed and Liberty of London Tana Lawn cotton.

Bespoke tailoring for dogs. I hope you like what you see.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have or, indeed, any projects you’d be interested in me tackling that are not represented by my stock. As I said, I love a challenge! thetailoredhound@mail.com